Vitropan® Glass

Vitropan® Glass

Material: glass, PVC foile

Board thickness: from 4 mm

Typical application: wall cladding, partitions, furniture fronts, stairs, etc.



Vitropan® Glass is a coated glass sheet used for design purposes. Materials such as fabrics, textiles, paper, and even thin metals can be used as a design element in between the panels. Carbon (carbon fiber) or Kevlar fibers (aramid) can be used for the added strength it creates in the overall panel, as well as its excellent design functionality:

– doors
– room divider
– wall cladding
– wall covering
– kitchen and furniture panels
– bathrooms
– cladding elements
– covering or decorative elements

There are two options when choosing which type of glazing is the most beneficial for products. One option is a coated single glass in which one side will be used as a structural or wall covering. The second option is a two-pane structure that has an internal design element visible from both sides. This is most suitable for applications that have a greater visibility such as room divider walls, doors, or shower panels.

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