Vitropan® Carbon

Vitropan® Carbon

Material: glass, mirror, acrylic scratch-resistant, wood, PVC

Board thickness: from 4 mm

Typical application: table tops, sideboards, furniture fronts, safety glasses


Carbon fiber is an ultra-light, yet extremely resilient material that is used in the aerospace industry, and more recently, in manufacturing.

Carbon fiber is resistant at extremely high temperatures, making it useful across a variety of industries and manufacturing methods. When using this material, furniture fronts or tabletops can be made from glass that is only four millimeters thick because the carbon fiber can be pressed between the glass.

Our protective surface-coated acrylic or wood options can be processed directly by the carpenter and customized to individual specifications.

Safety factor: The high strength of the carbon fiber also gives the glass composite unique strength values.

A blended fabric made of carbon fiber and Kevlar (a strong heat-resistant synthetic fiber), can be used to create an even stronger bond in terms of cut and breakage resistance – the fragments will bind together in the event of glass breakage.

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