BARK CLOTH® the cloth of the kings –
centuries-old textile tradition from Africa
Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005
Bark bark from the Ugandan fig tree
harvested sustainably.

Vitropan Barktex bark from the Ugandan fig tree is liquid laminated in glass as a table top, rear wall or lighting element.


BARK CLOTH® or Rindentuch® is a fleece made from the bark of the East African fig tree Mutuba. It is the original fleece, which is probably the oldest textile in human history. It is created in traditional, elaborate manual work. Every scarf is unique. Until the 19th century, the best cloths were the monarchs of the one that still exists today reserved for the millennial kingdom of Buganda, one of the oldest dynasties on earth. In Uganda, the bark is carefully removed from the trunk, which is then removed Banana leaves is wrapped. This is how new bark can form. Will be patching up sewn by hand, the cloth is tapped, stained with natural materials and surface treated.

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